Miss Sister is an Artist, Feminist and Songwriter in her early 20′s from southern Sweden. With her strong electric pop she has entered festival scenes not only in Sweden. Germany, UK and Austria was three of the stops on her tour 2019.

Last year she released her debut single Little Monster. It became “Record of the Day” in the UK the same day as the release. She also released four songs in collaboration with the German producers Klaas and Chris Gold during 2019. Their songs reached top lists and dance floors all around the world and have millions of streams on Spotify.

Nothing but the Truth is Miss Sisters latest release, it becameVeckans Fynd” in the Swedish music magazine and has already reached radio stations outside of Sweden, Wismar FM in Germany has this song on their playlist.

Next single “Guilty Pleasure” is out March 6. Stay tuned!

“I want my songs to be like the sister that lays a hand on your back and tells you that you are more than enough and to never give up.”