Miss Sister is an Artist, Feminist and Songwriter in her early 20′s from southern Sweden. May 1 she released her debut single Little Monster. A song she wrote in frustration about how society is treating us differently depending on gender. Little Monster became Record of the Day in the UK on the same day as the release. The week after the release she met her english fans for the first time, in Brighton at “The Alternative Escape” where she performed.

Miss Sister is featured by the No 1 Billboard-listed Dj Klaas on his release Call Me When You Need Me. A song which she also has written the topline to. It was released May 24 and added to big Spotify-playlists like New Music Friday in Sweden, India, Iceland, Danmark and South Africa on the release day. Less than a month after the release the song reached over 600k streams on Spotify & Youtube. The number keeps rising.

Her latest release I Can Have Fun on My Own was out July 12. It is a collaboration with the german producer Chris Gold. Spotify added their song to Pop Right Now with over 730k followers on the release day. With this song Miss Sister hopes to spread confidence and summer feelings to the listeners.

Listen here : Little Monster  ♫  Call Me When You Need Me    ♫  I Can Have Fun on My Own

“I want my songs to be like the sister that lays a hand on your back and tells you that you are more than enough and to never give up.”

November 8 she will release a new single called “Nothing But The Truth”. It is a song about trust in relationships, how important is to be true to the ones you love. Stay tuned!